Is the Mormon Church Really True?

 If you are Mormon, you know full well that the claim that the Mormon Church is the one and only true and living church on the face of the earth (as it claims to be) truly hangs on the validity of the claim that Joseph Smith, Jr. was a true prophet of God and that he restored the fullness of the one true gospel to the earth. 

But, in order to be honest, one must examine the facts and ask:

Can a man (Joseph Smith) who married other men's wives (11) and young girls (10 under age 20) in secret & in violation of his own "revelation" and publicly lied about it;  who changed his own "revelations/scripture" (the D&C/Book of Commandments); who rendered false prophesies, whose First Vision story was unknown in the church for at least 12 years and whose accounts of it are inconsistent and contradictory (just to name few troubling facts).  Could this man have been a true prophet of God and a man who could have "restored" the one and only true church of God to the earth?

(The foregoing are all verifiably true facts)

Does the Truth really matter to you?